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Window Restrictor

  • Conforms to British Safety Standards. Excellent quality made in the UK.
  • Key Locking restrictor to suit top hung or side hung window. The key is handy when wanting to open and clean the windows.
  • Fully concealed within the window. The restrictor is fitted between the frames so there are no unsightly attachments to be seen on the main window surfaces. So not as much of a problem with landlords as they are screwed into a part of the frame which is not so visible when installed and when removed.
  • Resists an impact of 600N outward force under test conditions. 
  • Can be reused when moving apartments on various styles of windows.
  • Self-engaging upon closure (spring loaded arm).
  • Can be used on PVC, Aluminium and some timber windows with a gap between the frames greater than 12mm (17mm max).
  • 30 day money back guarantee if they do not fit your windows.


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